Legal Guide for Writers — Spring 2020 publication

Manuscript and cover completed. Currently with interior layout designer. Publication date: Spring 2020

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  1. Drew

    Matt, I have read an article you wrote in Sidebar Saturdays last year, and hence found myself on your website. I look forward to your Legal Guide for Writers. I am almost complete with my first manuscript and looking at legal practitioners versed in literary review. The book focuses on my recent experience with a cult like group, some research on background and psychological aspects of the same, in a memoir-narrative format. I did notice in your THINGS I DO section that you were interested in the darker side of human nature, so I will assume the manipulation of emotional and psychological vulnerabilities for profit would suffice. If you are open to further dialogue, a possible review of the manuscript, and/or simply giving advice to a new writer I would be grateful for your input. Take care.

    All my best,


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